Suzuki has proven that it cares about what its customers want by designing a sportier looking underbone motorcycle that is powerful and impressive. Other 125cc motorcycles can only hope to compete in the same field as the Shogun. Its reengineered engine is both powerful and economical!

Featuring an automatic clutch system that differentiates it from the Shogun 125 SP, the Shogun 125 RR is unique among 4-stroke cub motorbikes as it utilizes a rear disc brake system to bring your ride to a complete and assured halt.

Increased intake efficiency makes sure that power delivery is swift even at low or medium speeds. A mere touch of the electric starter is enough to get the powerful engine rumbling.  

Storage isn't neglected by the Shogun, with a storage box under the rider's seat. Capacious and capable of holding overnight travel packs and study materials, its 7-liter capacity is nothing to sneeze at.

Shogun 125 SP is the motorcycle of your dreams if you're looking for reliable performance and a more comfortable ride.

Meter Panel

Huge Disk Brake

LED Rear Light

Storage Space

Ignition Switch