Riding on this country's legendary "holy" roads no longer has to be a chore with the Belang R 150. Equipped with monoshock suspension to minimize unhealthy impact to your rear, this bike comes with a DOHC, oil-cooled engine and an impressive 6-speed transmission!

Suzuki's unique Advanced Cooling System (SACS) sprays oil in the underside of the piston for maximum cooling rates. The meter display panel combines the best of classic and modern sentiment. Featuring a cool LCD speedometer coupled with a large stylish, retro-feel tachometer, the Belang R 150 houses a Suzuki Drive Mode System that switches between 3 different riding modes in a rotary manner.

Dual vertical headlights provide better illumination and increased visibility when you're on the road. With rear and front disc brakes and a convenient electric starter, the small underbone body of this bike possesses a high power to weight ratio. This means better acceleration for the speed demon in you and much improved braking

Dual Vertical Headlights

Dynamic New Meter Panel With LCD Screen

6-Speed Transmission

Slient Cam Chain

Large Sports Type Exhaust