Revolutionary technology is the name of the game. It combines powerful performance, the largest horsepower available to 4-stroke engines in the country with cleaner, reliable and better power generation.

While the constant velocity carburetor, previously found only in large capacity bikes, ensures optimum fuel combustion and increased engine performance, there's no fear of overheating thanks to the liquid-cooled system and thermostat-controlled cooling fan. Its automatic cooling sensor control makes it a first among sports models.

The 4-level adjustable mono-shock suspension provides dynamic, responsive handling even in the most challenging road conditions. Its highly-durable silent chain promises to save you a bundle on maintenance and fuel.



Revolutionary Technology

Powerful High Performance Engine
CBR150R utilizes new 4-stroke engine technology with Double Overhead Camshaft (DOHC), 4 valves, 6 gears and manual clutch, which delivers perfect combustion, 10,500 revolution per minute (rpm), excellent performance and maximum horsepower among the 4-stroke models in Malaysia.

Liquid Cooled System with Electric Fan
A first in sport model, the liquid cooled system of CBR150R is controlled by an automatic censor. Circulating coolant and a thermostat-controlled fan provide efficient cooling effect to prevent engine from overheating especially during heavy traffic and maintain the right engine temperature for optimum engine performance.

Constant Velocity Carburetor
CBR150R features an advanced Constant Velocity Carburetor, previously found only in big capacity bikes, to ensure perfect combustion and further boost engine performance.

Silent Chain
Deliver quieter performance with 2-3 times higher durability compared to conventional silent chain. It also saves on maintenance fee in the long run.