Honda's innovative technology has produced a dream bike utilizing a dual clutch system that serves to reduce shock and vibration when you shift gears on the potent Malaysia Honda EX5. Its powerful 4-stroke engine promises a smooth surge of incomparable power. Petrol heads don't have to worry about the impact its 100cc engine will have on the environment as this mean machine boasts proven economical fuel consumption that's easy on the wallet and Mother Nature.

Enjoy effortless and swifter ignition when you use the electric starter. This excellent moped, considered the best of its type all over the country, is also available with a kick starter that comes with a unique automatic decompression feature for quicker starts. The Malaysia Honda EX5 comes with all-new body stripes designed to highlight the streamlined profile of the bike.

With its scintillating hues and cool styling, this is a cost-efficient ride that any self-respecting road warrior would be proud to own

All New Body Stripes
All new attractive body stripes enhances the style and look of the motorcycle and rider.

Dual Clutch System
Innovative Honda technology reduces vibration and shock during gear change for smooth delivery of power

Powerful 100cc 4-Stroke Engine
The new engine not only gives more power and protects the environment, it also reduces fuel consumption for more savings.

Available with Kick Starter and Electric Starter
Choice of Kick Starter or Electric Starter for easier and faster engine ignition